Lost Touch

This is an altered address book that is scattered with people I have lost touch with. January 10th, 2008 my partner of 7 years told me she wanted a separation. I think that even living together we lost touch. Now we need to figure out if we can ever find each other and ourselves…

This journal means a lot to me so please try to keep it moving. If you find you are no longer participating on bookmooch still drop me an email and I will figure out a way to get it back.

-Juliana (Jules)

Unfortunately this journal was received in August 2009 by a journaller who became inactive and unresponsive shortly after, efforts to recover it have failed. 

Lost Touch Cover

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Queer Fears and Wacky Phobias

Everybody’s afraid of something. There’s arachnophobia – afraid of spiders. There’s fear of enclosed spaces – claustrophobia. These are fairly common fears, that many people share.

Now, this journal requires a little research. You are going to find a more unusual fear, and you will tell us about it. Perhaps it is a fear you suffer yourself; perhaps it’s something you’ve only heard about. A fear of cooking? Mageirocophobia. Terror of Epistaxiophobia? That’s nosebleeds. Give us the name of the phobia you’ve found to share, a description, and then have fun with it! Write a story about it. Or a poem dedicated to it. Illustrate it. Love it. Make it beautiful – make it horrible. Take a bizarre phobia and make it your own.

Disclaimer: If you fear you suffer phobophobia, the fear of phobia, please consider refraining from this journal. 😉

-Suzi (k00kaburra)

This journal appears to have been lost.


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Hidden Mickeys

Being a Disney fan I thought it would be fun to start a journal all about Hidden Mickeys. If you don’t know what that is check out this site for an explanation. This journal is an altered children’s book and what I would like everybody to do is to add your own art and include a hidden Mickey(s) in your art work. You may use cover the pages in the book completely or work around the pictures and words, anything goes. The only thing I do ask is no mature content be added to this journal as I would like to share it with my whole family. Have fun!


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Motherhood is like Monkhood Because

This Bookmooch journal is a humorous look at the similarities between the lives of mothers and monks. Consider topics such as celibacy, poverty, service to a deity, isolation and sleep deprivation.

Feel free to include passages on your thoughts on this topic, anecdotes and stories, cartoons, poems, pictures, quotes or whatever comes to mind that will fit inside its pages.
Parents, have a laugh!


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Secrets & Musings

Have you heard of PostSecret.com? I thought this could be just another form of letting go…

Once you receive this Journal, feel free to pick one [or more, up to three if you would like] of the multicolored pages and jot down a thought that has troubled you. Perhaps it’s a question that you don’t think you can answer. Or maybe you have a secret that you don’t really want to talk about, but need to get off of your chest. Or possibly you have a quote that has meant a lot to you as you’ve grown up. Whatever it is, choose a random page and jot it down. Then embellish it however you like. Photographs, collages, a simple stick-figure drawing… whatever seems appropriate to you.

You don’t have to sign your page. You do not have to identify yourself at all. Just write whatever moves you. Please keep it to three pages per person, but if your spouse, child, friend or neighbor sees it and wants to jot something down… by all means, let them!

After two weeks, please add the Journal back to your inventory, and send it on to the next author. Then, when the pages are all filled up, please send me [stixanstones] a quick e-mail, and I will mooch it back from you.

Thank you, and enjoy!


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My Diary

A diary that you can add secrets or daydream about something you like or even a person. A special place you can write about anything or you can just doodle in.



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The Black Book of the Wanderer

A BookMooch Journal dedicated to the most famous wizard in literature: Merlin. Everything goes: drawings, collages, ACEO, quotes, poems, fiction and non-fiction musings on the holes in Merlin’s life and your own hypotheses on how those holes could be filled. Original and non-original contributions are accepted, but please, if contributing non-original works (quotes from books or photos of art) credit the original author.

Do not write on the same page of someone else’s contribution, please, and put your name, country and a date under your own. Have fun!


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BookMooch Journal (Deanna)

This a journal on recommendations on books. Books you might think other bookmoochers may enjoy. You can add books that you hated or liked. You can draw a new cover for a book that is already out there or draw a cover for a book you would love to write. You can write about this site and how it help you and about people you meet on this site. My daughter loves to read historical fiction, vampires and teen issues books. You may have a suggestion on a book she would love to read.


Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

A Little Book of Linked Poetry

This is a sort of free-form on the time-honoured renga tradition. Haiku and senryu both are welcome, each poem must be inspired by some aspect of the one preceding it (be it a word, an image or a whole verse).

Please, a single poem per page and write only on the right-side (so, not on the back of another’s haiku), put your name and country on the page of your contribution.

When the booklet is full contact me (user ID seleya) and I’ll mooch it back from you.


I emailed the last person to have this journal but have received no response. It must probably be regarded as lost.

Art Contest

The topic of this traveling journal is Art but it is an Art Contest! When you receive this book you may make up to 3 entries in the book. You may add whatever art work you like as long as it is something you created, it could be a drawling, painting, photo, collage, poem or story, etc. this is only limited to your imagination. When I receive the book back the book will be judged by me and 8 other members of my family. The person who receives the highest number of votes will win a wishlisted book of their choice that costs no more than $20. I will also give 2 points to the runner up and 1 point to the second runner up. The rules are simple, no more than 3 entries per person, no destroying others work, sign your name and email address on the sign in page, and relist this book back on this listing to send to the next person. When full please contact me BookMooch ID: mspeegle


This journal has been returned to its creator.