Art Contest

The topic of this traveling journal is Art but it is an Art Contest! When you receive this book you may make up to 3 entries in the book. You may add whatever art work you like as long as it is something you created, it could be a drawling, painting, photo, collage, poem or story, etc. this is only limited to your imagination. When I receive the book back the book will be judged by me and 8 other members of my family. The person who receives the highest number of votes will win a wishlisted book of their choice that costs no more than $20. I will also give 2 points to the runner up and 1 point to the second runner up. The rules are simple, no more than 3 entries per person, no destroying others work, sign your name and email address on the sign in page, and relist this book back on this listing to send to the next person. When full please contact me BookMooch ID: mspeegle


This journal has been returned to its creator.

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