Where is Home?

A very very small book (fits in a letter-sized envelope with extra postage) to put info about your home.

You could put a photo of your current place of residence.
You could include your mailing address–maybe another moocher will send you a post card!
You could write about a home you miss.
You could write down every place you have lived.
Anything goes!

I would love this back in the end: erinpartridgeATgmailDOTcom
Bookmooch User: 2littlewings



Left and Right. Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Up and Down. Santa and Taxes. His and Hers.

This pretty little black and white book is for the opposites that balance your life. Show us or tell us!



Crazy about tarot or other forms of divination? Fill in a few pages, as many as you like, with anything relating to the topic. Then repost it into the system. Last person sends it back to me, and I will give them a gift as a thank you. Any form of art, writing, etc. is welcome. Please don’t alter others’ pages though.

-Chris zenzen1954

This appears to have been lost in transit.

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Restaurants to Check Out

Released as a BookMooch Journal. Write in your favorite Restaurants. It doesn’t matter if they are local or long distance. Pass it on within 2 weeks. When it’s completed list it reserved to Tatianamik and I’ll mooch it back.


The BookMooch Needle Arts and Fiber Arts Journal

This is a BM Journal created out of a copy of the Yarn Girls’ Knitting Journal. Please take a page or pages to list, discuss, mention, or provide samples of any and all fiber and needle arts in which you engage. You can journal, you can add your favorite projects, you can affix photos or schematics, you can stick in samples. Share and inspire us.
When this journal is full, please contact Elise C. (MD). Thank you for sharing with us!


Children’s Voice

This is a BookMooch Journal devoted to children and youth’s poetry and prose. Please mooch and allow any young people in your household to add their writings, illustrations, and thoughts, then pass it on by adding it to your inventory again. When the journal is full, or no one has wishlisted the journal, please contact Elise at elise (dot) cohen (at) verizon (dot) net or else through BookMooch, BM userid elisecohen

Thanks so much and enjoy!


We Don’t Eat Meat: Vegetarian/Vegan Stories, Recipes and Tips

Well the title pretty much says it all. This is a journal for vegetarians and vegans to share their experiences, thoughts, recipes and tips about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. Not a vegetarian but have a great story about a one or a vegetarian recipe to share? That is great too, just keep it positive about us vegetarians – we can be sensitive.

Please be respectful of the two week time limit and of other entries. When this journal is full, please please please, send it back to Katherine Ransbottom.


All Things Italian

This is a journal for those of us who love Italy and all things Italian. Take a page or take a few to share what you love that is Italian whether it be a recipe, artist, opera, work of art, car, movie, or place. Get as creative as you would like, add pictures, write a poem about why you love Italy – anything goes.

Feel free to have friends and family add to it, but please repost it within 2 weeks. Please be respectful of other’s entries, and do not edit, alter, or cover up any other entry. When this journal is full, please please please, send it back to Katherine Ransbottom.


Buy the Shoes


…we all wear them…so many choices, so little time…What do you look for in a pair of shoes?…style? comfort? fit? color? price? Do you buy shoes for every occasion? …work, play, jogging, weddings, golf, rock climbing? Do you have a pair of old mocs, saddles, clogs, loafers or fuzzy slippers sitting around SOMEWHERE that you just can’t part with?

Tell us about attachments you might have made with a special pair of old or new shoes…Maybe Converse hi-tops or a fashionable wedge. WALK down memory lane… What was great (or awful) about a pair of shoes you had, or still have?

Do you remember getting a pair of shoes that you really, REALLY were looking forward to? Do you buy one pair in every color? Did you have to wear a sibling’s hand-me-down shoes? Do you own a pair of bronzed baby shoes?

Fess up! How many pair DO you own . . . 3 or 33? Where do you store all your shoes? Do have an organized system, a pile in the middle of your closet, or are your shoes under the bed with the dust bunnies?

I have stocked this journal with shoe photos to make for interesting viewing (I hope) while you help fill-up the pages.

Please have FUN with this journal. Tell us a story/stories about your shoes…someone else’s shoes, shoes you want. Add your art, photos, pictures, drawings…Anything you want about SHOES and FOOTWEAR.



Deserted in Paradise

You have just been informed that you will be exiled to a deserted island. Make a list of the five things you would take with you and why. What would a typical day on your island be like? Would you set up a permanent residence or try to escape?

Media can include pictures, text, paintings, drawings, anything that you see fit. Remember to protect your work. I suggest placing clear packaging tape over artwork to keep it intact. Do not feel limited to one page for your entry.

Please do not change or alter anyone else’s entries and keep within the two week mooch window time limit. After you are finished with your entry, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it.

When the journal is full and complete, please contact me (BM username: savvy) and I will mooch it back.

Thanks, and have fun!!


This journal appears to have been returned to its creator.

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