The BookMooch Needle Arts and Fiber Arts Journal

This is a BM Journal created out of a copy of the Yarn Girls’ Knitting Journal. Please take a page or pages to list, discuss, mention, or provide samples of any and all fiber and needle arts in which you engage. You can journal, you can add your favorite projects, you can affix photos or schematics, you can stick in samples. Share and inspire us.
When this journal is full, please contact Elise C. (MD). Thank you for sharing with us!


Children’s Voice

This is a BookMooch Journal devoted to children and youth’s poetry and prose. Please mooch and allow any young people in your household to add their writings, illustrations, and thoughts, then pass it on by adding it to your inventory again. When the journal is full, or no one has wishlisted the journal, please contact Elise at elise (dot) cohen (at) verizon (dot) net or else through BookMooch, BM userid elisecohen

Thanks so much and enjoy!


We Don’t Eat Meat: Vegetarian/Vegan Stories, Recipes and Tips

Well the title pretty much says it all. This is a journal for vegetarians and vegans to share their experiences, thoughts, recipes and tips about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. Not a vegetarian but have a great story about a one or a vegetarian recipe to share? That is great too, just keep it positive about us vegetarians – we can be sensitive.

Please be respectful of the two week time limit and of other entries. When this journal is full, please please please, send it back to Katherine Ransbottom.


All Things Italian

This is a journal for those of us who love Italy and all things Italian. Take a page or take a few to share what you love that is Italian whether it be a recipe, artist, opera, work of art, car, movie, or place. Get as creative as you would like, add pictures, write a poem about why you love Italy – anything goes.

Feel free to have friends and family add to it, but please repost it within 2 weeks. Please be respectful of other’s entries, and do not edit, alter, or cover up any other entry. When this journal is full, please please please, send it back to Katherine Ransbottom.