Flower Memories

I’ve always loved flowers and they still have a vivid place in my memory. So many things I can remember, like time at my Grandma’s house, have flowers attached to them. Share your flower memories with us in pictures or words. Please don’t alter the work of others! Return to jfit, Jenny Stafford, when full.



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The Nature Journal

I love nature. Hiking through the woods or just sitting in the sunshine makes my day so much better. Is there something you enjoy doing outside? Do you have
a favorite nature place to visit, a favorite cause or outside activity that you enjoy? Anything about nature goes! Please share it in words or pictures – just don’t write or draw over the work of others. When journal is full, please return to jfit, Jenny Stafford.



The Black and White Book

This is a BMJournal that only involves black and white drawings, quotes, pictures, anything. Have fun, 🙂 Don’t destroy other people’s work.

And send back to maloriejo15

To see the slideshow please click on the blue underlined link in the journal description.

Christmas carols from many lands

This BMJournal is a music journal in a plastic-covered file with plastic pockets in which I have inserted a variety of manuscript paper. These can be reallocated to the pockets the moocher uses, one or two sheets to a pocket, arranged so the music is on a separate sheet from that of other contributors; or music can be printed or hand written on your preferred paper and inserted. If you can’t write music, sol-fa is acceptable, but I’d like the rhythm as well. I would like the folder sent back to me (I’ll mooch it!) to reach me in late September of each year here in the UK, and I will add new pockets and transcribe the music onto Sibelius before remooching it.

I collect carols that are out of copyright from as many countries as I can, and make arrangements for my ‘cello pupils. Each Christmas eve they come and play them in a carol concert for their parents and families in my converted barn, 20 to 24 each year. We hope not to repeat the same arrangement/version for at least 10 years! Last year they played two original carols of mine, and one will be included as my contribution to the journal. It is an arrangement for 8 ‘cellos with words in Welsh.

If you contribute, please include words in your own language, so far we have made the parents and partners sing in Welsh, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Czech, American, Jamaican patois, Latin, Polish.. I’m sure we can do better than that! This year we are planning to make them all play ‘cello with a carol taught to them by their children/partner!

-Gill (tennantfamily)

All buttoned up…

This journal has grown out of an incident that occured in the early 1970s, when I was sent out as the youngest-looking teacher with the Deputy Head of the Junior School where I taught, to scrounge resources from local businesses and factories. This was my second great catch (after enough (lumpy) glue from the suitcase factory to last the entire school more than three years), and was a dustbin sack full of tiny buttons. The shirt factory had just abandoned making shirts with button-down collars and the tiny buttons were no longer required. The school presented me with a hatbox full when I left to have my second son, and over the last 35 years I have gradually sorted, boxed and sold many thousands on Ebay to dollmakers, cardmakers and craftspeople. Part of my advertising was to create pictures from the buttons.

This ‘book’ is made from A5 size pages cut from material and sewn into a journal called “All buttoned up“, and available for Bookmoochers who would like to create their own button-art. I’ve sewn an example on the first page.

I have created a companion journal called “Keep buttoned up” for photographic or scanned button-art, or paint-program virtual-button art. Most of my pictures were created on a scanner-bed on top of a plastic sheet.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

My Favorite Place

I like being at home. When I first thought about creating a journal of favorite places, I was thinking of different beaches, favorite hiking spots, or family vacations we’ve had. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my favorite place is at home, on the couch, with my puppy dogs and a good book. Do you have a favorite real or imaginary place to escape to? Please share it with us in writing or pictures! Just don’t alter the work of others and when full, please return to jfit, Jenny Stafford.


Blooming Beautiful

This is an interactive BookMooch Journal, an ‘altered book’ reusing an unused 1982 flower diary. The diary has double pages with illustrations on backing pages, one of each pair alternating left and right hand. I suggest contributions are added randomly where they seem most appropriate and can take any form that fits the title, just don’t alter anyone else’s contribution and relist as soon as possible (preferably within a fortnight). If you can send jpegs for uploading to the journal files please do, it means those who have mooched earlier can check out its progress and additions.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

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My world

This is an interactive ‘altered book’, it started life as an unused 1992 Oxfam diary. Most alternate pages have pictures of people from a wide range of countries. I’d like the alternate pages to be used by BookMoochers to describe in words or pictures, photos or poems the world they think of as theirs. I’ll upload images of my pages to the journal files as an example, but I’d like moochers to add in their own way, whilst leaving the picture pages unaltered.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

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Nature, time and patience are three great physicians

The title of this Bookmooch interactive journal is taken from a proverb. Beyond this the contribution made by each participant is left to their own interpretation. Please try to relist within 2 weeks of receipt and do not alter the contribution of others. Pages can be completed in random order and with any medium desired. The original book is a 1990 Dutch nature diary with charming illustrations by Marjolein Bastin, worth mooching just for these!

-Gill (tennantfamily)


May contain nuts

The world has gone mad when a packet of peanuts has to contain a warning
May contain traces of nuts”!

This journal is for those daft examples of wording now demanded by officials, and suggesting that humankind has become so moronic we cannot think for ourselves!
This journal was produced as a co-operative effort by Mark and Gill Tennant
(tennantfamily UK).

We will mooch it back when full if the person completing it will let us know please. Then we can laugh some more and upload the examples given to the BMJournal site so that you can all laugh at them too! We are happy for you to upload images earlier if you would like to do so.
Enjoy! Mwynhau!


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