My world

This is an interactive ‘altered book’, it started life as an unused 1992 Oxfam diary. Most alternate pages have pictures of people from a wide range of countries. I’d like the alternate pages to be used by BookMoochers to describe in words or pictures, photos or poems the world they think of as theirs. I’ll upload images of my pages to the journal files as an example, but I’d like moochers to add in their own way, whilst leaving the picture pages unaltered.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal appears to have been kept by an inactive journaller. 

Putting a Face to the Name

I’ve bought an autograph book and I’d like you all to sign it, but there’s a catch – you must add a passport photo of yourself so I can put a face to the name (geddit?). As it passes along we’ll all get to know each other better. And being camera shy is no excuse, you’ll just have to improvise. Disguise yourself, strike a pose, get a pot plant to stand in for you, or dig out one of your old passport pictures. So long as the photo was taken INSIDE a booth, represents you in some way, and is accompanied by your autograph, I’m happy.


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