Everything there is to love about chocolate

You have a great recipe involving chocolate? You want to share why you love chocolate? Something funny happened to you because of chocolate? You have an interesting favourite kind of chocolate? Any contribution regarding chocolate is welcome in this journal, whether it’s texts, lists, poems, pictures or art!The book itself is a small chocolate brown photo album. Please use no more than two photo sleeves for your entry (since there is a very limited amount of sleeves in the album) and don’t alter anyone else’s entry.
I suggest you relist this journal on your inventory immediately after marking it received (since you’ll already be on Bookmooch anyway :)) – this will make the journal available as soon as possible for other moochers, and remind you to make an entry. Don’t worry about time pressure – you can always tell a moocher that it will take you a little longer to send out their book.
When the album is full, please contact me (Hannah; BMID: hanhel), and I will mooch it back from you. If you are having trouble getting the book back out to someone, feel free to contact me as well, I will try to find a solution.

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Do you know who I am? A journal of detection and discovery. BEWARE!

In searching through bios, pending lists and histories to trace lost and stalled journals I have found out a lot of things about the journallers on Bookmooch. So this journal was born. This journal will operate differently to most other journals, in that it should be relisted as soon as it is received. When you receive it please add a photo, or photos or a drawing etc. of yourself, add your name and BM id and date. Then, when it is requested you have a maximum of a fortnight to find out and write about the journaller who has asked for it, using the Bookmooch resources of the moocher’s bio, history and pending list, and any other resources you care to investigate. Write what you have discovered about the Bookmoocher who requests journal!

The BEWARE! refers to the fact that you must commit to posting the journal on within two weeks of a request, so if you may be too busy to make an entry when the journal is requested, please don’t mooch it in the first place!

Please also make sure the requestor understands what is involved. Many journals are mooched ‘by accident’ by people who are not journallers, and many of these are then not relisted or incorrectly listed.

Have fun discovering things about other journallers!

Gill T. tennantfamily

Unfortunately this journal seems to have been kept by an inactive moocher and all attempts to recover it so far have failed.


Birds Wings and Feathers

This is a lightweight blank book to be filled with artwork about birds and feathers and wings.

It is a book about exactly what the title says–birds wings & feathers 😉


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Turn over a new leaf.

Autumn is such a beautiful season with leaves turning golden and fiery reds, browns and oranges.This journal is made up of 16 sheets of blotting paper, between which fresh spring leaves can be pressed, or autumn leaves can be pasted or collaged. Please keep to two facing pages because of the limitations of the small volume. Blotting paper is quite thick and more sheets would have crowded the binder. The inside and outside back covers are also available to decorate.Please send it on promptly and to where-ever it is requested, it is light and postage should not be excessive. I have included a bookmark with 3 urls for journallers and my bio states my journalling guidelines. Please have fun with your page, don’t alter the work of others unless it is to add to the cover, and allow others to share the journal. I will mooch it back when it is completed.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

The Illustrated Home Library Encyclopedia Vol. 2 AMM to AZT

This is a book I have started to alter and I want everyone else to have fun with it. I have already glued the pages together and it is ready for you to gesso or scrap it or paint it or whatever! The pages that the book is “opened” to are topics like…Ammunition Amphitheater, Amsterdam, Amundsen, Anchovy, Andalusia, Fra Angelico, Animal life, Anteater, Antelope, Antenna, Saint Anthony, Susan B. Anthony, Anthrax, Anthropology, Apricot, April, April Fools’ Day, Aptitude tests, Aquamarine, Aquaplaning, Arabia, Archaeology, Archery, Archimedes, Argentina, Arizona, Armistice, Armor, King Arthur, Artichoke, Artificial Respiration, Assyria, Aster, Asteroid, Asthma, Astigmatism, Athlete’s Foot, Athletics, Atlanta, Austria, & Aviation (with pictures of Icarus & how men came to fly).
So, if any of those are something you would like to work into your work go for it! I have NOT Gesso’ed any of the pages, just the cover, so you can cover the pages completely or use the pictures or words on the page as part of your work. You can scrap right over them or paint them over… Again, whatever floats your boat. (worried you don’t have gesso? Regular house paint will work too!)
Get as creative as you would like, add a drawing, write a poem or a thought. Anything and everything goes! From collages, photos, ACEO, altered art, scrapbooking, & quotes, to anything else that “floats your boat”. Please stick to two pages (a double spread) in the journal per person- I would like as many people as possible to share! but, if you just have to do another page- go for it. Feel free to use the pages on the inside covers too! You DO NOT have to go in order, jump around and pick the pages you want to work on.
I left the front & back covers incomplete, so everyone can add one or two items as a collective artwork. I think it would be fun to start your cover artwork by using someone else’s cover art for your inspiration. This way it would be a chain of creativity that you could see.
Please keep this for a maximum of 2 weeks and then list it again! Thanks!
Please be respectful. Don’t write on the same page of someone else’s contribution, and don’t change or add to anyone’s entry. (Except, of course, for the cover art work.) Just be courteous of others.
If you feel up to it, share something about you…as little or as much as you want! It would be nice to put your name, state or country, date your work & use your bookmooch info. If you do Artist Trading Cards send one to me via my contact info in the book and I will gladly send you one of mine.
When this journal is full, PLEASE CONTACT ME, VelcroDog, AND I WILL MOOCH IT BACK FROM YOU!
Have at it friends! Enjoy!
PS. Yes, I have a weimaraner (aka Velcro Dogs)
Went back to creator. No longer travelling.

November – Who hears November at the gate?

November is the eleventh of a set of journals I am creating to celebrate the months of the year. These will be released month by month.They are for anything to do with the month: why you like or dislike it, what it means to you, poems, books, artwork, music, songs, photographs, stories:- whatever you are inspired to do.
Put your entry wherever seems appropriate.
Don’t alter anyone else’s work.
Keep for no more than two weeks.
Relist promptly.
Be willing to send anywhere it is requested.
When the journal is complete please reserve it for me and I will mooch it back. If pages start to come loose let me know please, and I can mooch it back and remake the book and repair as necessary.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Unfortunately this journal has been kept by an inactive moocher and all attempts to recover it so far have failed.