Pugs and other Odd Creatures

I have a great fondness for odd looking animals. Two of my very favorites are Pugs and Pacific Mola. What are your favorite odd creatures? Please add images or words about them and then relist this journal on BookMooch. Enjoy!

Unfortunately this journal seems to have been kept by an inactive moocher and all attempts to recover it so far have failed.


Uncommon Threads: The BookMooch Fiber Art Journal

For knitters, crocheters, weavers, stitchers, seamstresses, textile nuts, and other fabric fans: Add your patterns, inspirations, and any samples you’d like to this journal. What leaves you in stitches? It’s time to get creative with this otherwise-generic Mead composition notebook! Just return to jenglo via BookMooch when full!


This journal appears to be lost.Oh, dear! This journal was recovered and circulating again and now appears to be lost once again!

Return of the Goddess

I turned this old 1993 engagement calender into a BookMooch journal. I love the variety of images from many cultures that feature female images. Please add anything you are inspired to. Please return to me when this journal is full. Enjoy!

Jan Wolf

Blood is life

Description: Vampires

Illustrate that Word-Jinxed


Love art? Love words?

Let’s combine the two into

An artful journal.

This is an actual book, just

Pick out a sentence or word or words,

Then covering up the other words Illustrate

What you have chosen. You must

Use a word or words from the page and

Be as creative as you like… Most importantly


Re-list only on Book Mooch using the following number


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