3 wordless melodies.

The theme of this journal is wordless melody or song. This includes vocalised sound, but not words; sound produced mechanically or on musical or non-musical instruments, natural sounds etc.. Excluded is anything with words, although guitar, sax. or drum breaks in the middle of a song are acceptable.
Take 4 pages for your entry.
The idea is to list three such wordless things which you regard as worth listening to, whether you love it, hate it, or just are amazed by it, taking a page for each of the three ideas. You can write as small as possible to fit a lot onto your page, or include illustrations, photos, pictures etc. and preferably a sound-track, either as a url or recorded as a CD or mp3 and a link given.
Your fourth page (whatever order you choose) is to pick one of the previous moocher’s offered soundtracks to listen to and to comment on it. Please also date, sign in some form and add BMid to your entry.
I have left enough pages for 6 entries and then it should return to me (I’ll mooch it back). I will comment on one of the last moocher’s offered sounds and add three more on new pages and send it off again. If it gets too heavy I’ll upload the entries to the journal site as a slide show and just include the starter pages before resending.
If it needs repair or additional pages let me know and I’ll mooch it back. Please keep it circulating, and have fun!
Please see
The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works: 
https://bookmoochjournals.com/about/the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling: 
and BookMooch Journals forum: 
The forum is a good place to advertise the availability of journals. PLEASE ONLY RELIST ON BOOKMOOCH! 
It is also sensible to check that anyone requesting a journal from you understands what journalling involves. It is distressing when we lose journals.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal has been relisted with a new number, BM1302562849964895011.  All other details are identical.


What is your favorite song?

Everyone has a favorite song. Usually, you have more than one depending on your mood or even just the time of day. So, answer a few “favorite song” questions for me. Please include the title of the song and the artist/band. Also, include a little information about you! 🙂 Obviously, you don’t have to answer all of these, but please answer (at the very least) the two most important questions: What is your favorite song and why?
I love music and I can’t wait to get this journal back filled with other’s views on their favorite songs! I’ve included a mix CD of some of my favorites and some extra CD sleeves for anyone who wants to include their own mix CD. I’m looking forward to reading your entries and listening to your favorite songs!
Please contact me when the book is full!
My BookMooch userid: alyshadeshae
Common Courtesy
Do not alter anyone else’s work.
Do not keep longer than two weeks before relisting on BookMooch.
Relist as soon as you finish your entry.
Please be willing to send to anywhere (that means internationally) it is requested.
Most importantly, have fun with it and enjoy someone else’s favorite music! 🙂


Beautiful butterflies.

Walking in the fields today the hedgebanks were heavy with butterflies seeking nectar from the early autumn flowers, the vetches and dandelions of our hedgerows. Butterflies have been scarce this year, but the red admirals out in force today were a lovely spectacle.
Write about your best loved species, an incident involving butterflies or a type you would love to see.
Please respect the work of others and their effort and pass this journal on promptly and to where ever it is requested. Please look at my journaling guidelines in my bio, and be prepared to keep to them.  I make my journals small and light so they are cheap to post, and can add extra pages or effect repairs when needed, or full. Just mail me.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

To see the slideshow click on the blue underlined link in the journal description above.

Photos from another life Journal

A BMJournal project.
Everyone has pictures of people they barely remember, just sitting about collecting dust. Sometimes, photographs are the only memories left of people after they fall ut of our lives. Whether they die, move, or fall out of touch, some people just don’t stay.
That’s where this book comes in: share your memories of people whose names you’ve forgotten. Paste a photograph of a person whose name you don’t remember onto a page of this journal, write a brief fictional story on the other side of the page, and pass the book on. Who knows, maybe somebody else will recognize them.
When the last page is filled, contact AbstractSteel for return instructions.

If Music be the food of love …

This journal is for thoughts, reminiscences, tales about the way music can be a cohesive force in family life, whether between partners, siblings or parents and children. I was brought up in a musical family, both parents were keen and talented amateur musicians. My mother played under the baton of Edward Elgar on occasion, and when my father became branch librarian he organised regular recitals and concerts at his library. My sisters and I all began learning instruments when very young, and regularly played together as a family, later on entering musical festivals together. My sisters and I have all had careers linked with music, although only my younger sister has a partner who also plays. Both my sons played instruments as did my sister’s children, and my younger son and my older son’s daughter both learned the ‘cello as I did. My sister’s daughter has two sons who have learned the violin and my younger son’s stepdaughter also plays an instrument, and he enjoyed going to the town band with her when they lived in Bath.
Please write, draw, add photos, pictures, music ~ as you wish, and respect the entries of others. Whether you write of your own experiences or those of other musicians is your choice. Please adhere to my journaling guidelines (in my bio), relist and resend promptly and keep the journal moving molto vivace!
If extra pages, or repairs are needed, or when full, please email me and I will mooch it back. If you find you can not make an entry when it reaches you ~ relist it and I’ll return it to you point-free later at an agreed time.

-Gill (tennantfamily)


September – September blow soft.

September is the ninth of a set of journals I am creating to celebrate the months of the year. These will be released month by month.
They are for anything to do with the month: why you like or dislike it, what it means to you, poems, books, artwork, music, songs, photographs, stories:- whatever you are inspired to do.
Put your entry wherever seems appropriate.
Don’t alter anyone else’s work.
Keep for no more than two weeks.
Relist promptly.
Be willing to send anywhere it is requested.
When the journal is complete please reserve it for me and I will mooch it back. If pages start to come loose let me know please, and I can mooch it back and remake the book and repair as necessary.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

Business card.

I love BookMooch and all its varied moochers. Because of that, I’d like to know who you are. This journal is for you to add your business card!! It’s an old business card holder book that I used years ago and now it’s ready for new life. Each page has three clear sleeves for cards. You can add your ‘real’ business card or make one up! Keep in mind that there’s no telling where this journal will go, so only add the information to the journal that you don’t mind others seeing. Please don’t alter the cards of others. When full, please return to Jenny Stafford, jfit.


Ruben loves fossils and it is for him.
Please add your entry and pass it on swiftly!
It is hard waiting a long time to see what has been added to your journal when you are an adult let alone when you are much younger!
Please send the journal back to Ruben Pender, c/o Bella Pender BM id brella: U.K. when it is complete.
This journal has been returned to brella when her daughter became seriously ill.

My Earliest Memory.

I’ve often thought that I need to write down things for my children about my childhood. I’m very interested in the early lives of my parents and grandparents, but no one has really passed down any stories or history. I’d love to hear about YOUR earliest memory – we all have one! You can use any medium you’d like – just make sure not to alter anyone else’s entry. When the journal is full, please let me know and I’ll mooch it! Jenny Stafford, jfit.


Dark, night and the witching hour.

This journal celebrates all aspects of night. It follows on from the first journal: “dawn, daybreak, sunrise” and the second “Day: morning, mid-day, afternoon” and the third “Dusk, sunset, gloaming”. Poetry, prose, art work, photos, stories, memories, facts…
Please make your entry wherever you please, and in whatever form you like.
Please read my journaling guidelines in my bio, and be willing to comply with them.
Make your entry within two weeks,
Re-list and re-send promptly, where-ever it is requested.
Notify me so I can mooch it back if it is completed, needs repairs or needs extra pages added.
I try to keep my journals light for economic posting, and can rebind with extra pages and binders as needed.
I add the weight to my condition notes, so if you think you can’t afford to resend it you know before requesting. This will need altering as extra material is added, please!


-Gill (tennantfamily)