What is your favorite song?

Everyone has a favorite song. Usually, you have more than one depending on your mood or even just the time of day. So, answer a few “favorite song” questions for me. Please include the title of the song and the artist/band. Also, include a little information about you! 🙂 Obviously, you don’t have to answer all of these, but please answer (at the very least) the two most important questions: What is your favorite song and why?
I love music and I can’t wait to get this journal back filled with other’s views on their favorite songs! I’ve included a mix CD of some of my favorites and some extra CD sleeves for anyone who wants to include their own mix CD. I’m looking forward to reading your entries and listening to your favorite songs!
Please contact me when the book is full!
My BookMooch userid: alyshadeshae
Common Courtesy
Do not alter anyone else’s work.
Do not keep longer than two weeks before relisting on BookMooch.
Relist as soon as you finish your entry.
Please be willing to send to anywhere (that means internationally) it is requested.
Most importantly, have fun with it and enjoy someone else’s favorite music! 🙂


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