If Music be the food of love …

This journal is for thoughts, reminiscences, tales about the way music can be a cohesive force in family life, whether between partners, siblings or parents and children. I was brought up in a musical family, both parents were keen and talented amateur musicians. My mother played under the baton of Edward Elgar on occasion, and when my father became branch librarian he organised regular recitals and concerts at his library. My sisters and I all began learning instruments when very young, and regularly played together as a family, later on entering musical festivals together. My sisters and I have all had careers linked with music, although only my younger sister has a partner who also plays. Both my sons played instruments as did my sister’s children, and my younger son and my older son’s daughter both learned the ‘cello as I did. My sister’s daughter has two sons who have learned the violin and my younger son’s stepdaughter also plays an instrument, and he enjoyed going to the town band with her when they lived in Bath.
Please write, draw, add photos, pictures, music ~ as you wish, and respect the entries of others. Whether you write of your own experiences or those of other musicians is your choice. Please adhere to my journaling guidelines (in my bio), relist and resend promptly and keep the journal moving molto vivace!
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-Gill (tennantfamily)