My Earliest Memory.

I’ve often thought that I need to write down things for my children about my childhood. I’m very interested in the early lives of my parents and grandparents, but no one has really passed down any stories or history. I’d love to hear about YOUR earliest memory – we all have one! You can use any medium you’d like – just make sure not to alter anyone else’s entry. When the journal is full, please let me know and I’ll mooch it! Jenny Stafford, jfit.


Dark, night and the witching hour.

This journal celebrates all aspects of night. It follows on from the first journal: “dawn, daybreak, sunrise” and the second “Day: morning, mid-day, afternoon” and the third “Dusk, sunset, gloaming”. Poetry, prose, art work, photos, stories, memories, facts…
Please make your entry wherever you please, and in whatever form you like.
Please read my journaling guidelines in my bio, and be willing to comply with them.
Make your entry within two weeks,
Re-list and re-send promptly, where-ever it is requested.
Notify me so I can mooch it back if it is completed, needs repairs or needs extra pages added.
I try to keep my journals light for economic posting, and can rebind with extra pages and binders as needed.
I add the weight to my condition notes, so if you think you can’t afford to resend it you know before requesting. This will need altering as extra material is added, please!


-Gill (tennantfamily)