Itsy Bitsy Red Chinese Zodiac: The Year Of The Rooster

I’m launching a total of 12 Itsy Bitsy Red Journals into the mix. Each book is a small satin covered hardbound book. The front is bead embellished and they hail from Indian craftsmen.

The Theme is Chinese Zodiac with each of the journals dedicated to one animal year. This one’s theme is The Year of The Rooster.

Have fun adding your creative inspirations to the many little blank white pages. Do as many as 10 pages, or just keep it to one tiny entry. Enjoy. Relist within two weeks using this same listing. I will mooch it back when completed or return to:

-Joy Found / Lauri Jean Crowe

In Full Bloom

Flowers are wonderful and add so much to life!! Their beauty is wonderful to look at and they can smell heavenly, but they can also bring a smile to a face or make someone feel better when they receive them. This journal is about flowers – what do you like about them, what’s your favorite, do you have  any special memories associated with flowers??? Share them with us in pictures or writing!! This journal
is already full of wonderful pictures of flowers – it was originally a desk calendar. You can alter the pictures some, but for the most part I’d like them to stay as they are. Feel free to put anything over the calendar pages!

Just please don’t alter the work of others.

When full, please return to Jenny, jfit.


Now recovered! 

Postcards Tell the Story

I love the work of Nick Bantock. If you are familiar with him, you’ll know that several of his stories are told through a series of postcards or letters. I’d like to create a journal of postcards that tells a story. I’ll start with a postcard – a drawing or artwork on the front side, with a note on the back. The person who mooches the journal next will create their own postcard, with a
drawing or artwork on the front and then ‘answer’ the previous postcard with their own note. We’ll continue in that fashion until the book is full.

Please do not alter the work of others!

When finished, please send the journal back to me, Jenny, jfit.

Have fun!!

A Postcard Journey00


My Hometown

I really enjoy living in Huntsville, Alabama. When I was younger, I thought nothing would be better than to be able to move away and live somewhere else, but now that I’m older, I appreciate being in a place that has a lot of the same things to do as a larger city, but still has a small town feel to it. Tell us about your home town and use pictures, stories or other artwork to share how you feel about it! Make us want to visit!!! Please just don’t alter the work of others. When full, please return to Jenny, jfit.


Best Wishes in Your Pants

I recently became part of the awesome community of people called Nerdfighters. If you don’t know what a Nerdfighter is, in short it is a fan of John Green, the author of Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns. However it is so much more! So I created this journal where Nerdfighters can share a bit about their experience being a Nerdfighter, what Nerdfighting means to them, things they have done for Nerdfighting, Nerdfighter events they have attended, what kind of Nerdfighter they are, and anything related to Nerdfighting. The journal is made from an old copy of a book I found in my school’s free book pile called, Best Wishes by Harold E. Kohn. If you are a Nerdfighter you will understand the significance of the title and why I chose to make this book into a journal. Journalers should take as many pages as they want to cover over the original writings of Kohn with their own, along with any other photographs, drawings or whatever fits on the page.


  • Only take 1-2 weeks to make your entry
  • Do not damage or add to anyone else’s entries in anyway shape or form. You may have as many pages as you want to express yourself as long as you follow that rule.
  • When you have finished with the journal please re-list it on BookMooch, or if you know of someone who might be interested in putting in an entry tell that person and reserve the journal for him or her.
  • Include your name, your BookMooch ID, Nerdfighter page (if you have one) and if desired a picture of you.

For more information on what a Nerdfighter is and how to become one visit the following sites:

When the journal is full let me know and I will mooch it back home. Thanks for contributing to this journal and I hope you have fun making your entry


BookMooch ID: koratheexplora

Nerdfighter page:


Becoming Ourselves

This is a small book I made from pages torn from a book about therapeutic empathy. Find a word or phrase on the page to inspire your art–alter the book accordingly!



More images:

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