Flower Memories

I’ve always loved flowers and they still have a vivid place in my memory. So many things I can remember, like time at my Grandma’s house, have flowers attached to them. Share your flower memories with us in pictures or words. Please don’t alter the work of others! Return to jfit, Jenny Stafford, when full.



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Blooming Beautiful

This is an interactive BookMooch Journal, an ‘altered book’ reusing an unused 1982 flower diary. The diary has double pages with illustrations on backing pages, one of each pair alternating left and right hand. I suggest contributions are added randomly where they seem most appropriate and can take any form that fits the title, just don’t alter anyone else’s contribution and relist as soon as possible (preferably within a fortnight). If you can send jpegs for uploading to the journal files please do, it means those who have mooched earlier can check out its progress and additions.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal appears to have been kept by an inactive journaller. 

In Full Bloom

Flowers are wonderful and add so much to life!! Their beauty is wonderful to look at and they can smell heavenly, but they can also bring a smile to a face or make someone feel better when they receive them. This journal is about flowers – what do you like about them, what’s your favorite, do you have  any special memories associated with flowers??? Share them with us in pictures or writing!! This journal
is already full of wonderful pictures of flowers – it was originally a desk calendar. You can alter the pictures some, but for the most part I’d like them to stay as they are. Feel free to put anything over the calendar pages!

Just please don’t alter the work of others.

When full, please return to Jenny, jfit.


Now recovered! 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is a hardcover, garden journal. Conditions are so hot and fierce in Arizona that growing a garden is almost impossible. Show me photos of your vegetable or flower garden. Do you have a favorite recipe for things that grow in your garden? Some of the pages have quotes and art work pre-printed. Please do not cover these treasures, but make your contributions coordinate with the pre-printed quotes and drawings. Please dont alter anyones work, please dont keep it longer than 2 weeks. Pages are not numbered, but it is divided into 12 months. Add your name to the quest list in the back. Log it into bookcrossing too if you find the time. Return to me named 8izenuff, User ID azmom875@yahoo.com. Feel free to scrapbook or do altered art, drawings, photos, folk tales,collage, recipes, what ever else you can think of. At the very end there is an area called Notes for next year. Whatever that means to you please add your contribution there also. Dont be restricted to previous ideas. Think outside the box. or outside the garden

Garden Gallery

I like to grow flowers in my garden. Please post a picture of the flowers in your garden – recommend some flowers!


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