How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is a hardcover, garden journal. Conditions are so hot and fierce in Arizona that growing a garden is almost impossible. Show me photos of your vegetable or flower garden. Do you have a favorite recipe for things that grow in your garden? Some of the pages have quotes and art work pre-printed. Please do not cover these treasures, but make your contributions coordinate with the pre-printed quotes and drawings. Please dont alter anyones work, please dont keep it longer than 2 weeks. Pages are not numbered, but it is divided into 12 months. Add your name to the quest list in the back. Log it into bookcrossing too if you find the time. Return to me named 8izenuff, User ID Feel free to scrapbook or do altered art, drawings, photos, folk tales,collage, recipes, what ever else you can think of. At the very end there is an area called Notes for next year. Whatever that means to you please add your contribution there also. Dont be restricted to previous ideas. Think outside the box. or outside the garden

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