Pet Peeves

Believe it or not (and I didn’t), the U.S. recognizes an annual National PET PEEVES Week during the 2nd week in October. So, what is a PET PEEVE? Simply, a PET PEEVE is something that is personally annoying (even though tens-of-thousands of other people may share it with you)–it’s a personal dislike.

Additionally a PET PEEVE can be a sight, smell, sound or feeling that is followed with a negative reaction of your behavior or personality (anything from a sigh, eye rolling or teeth gnashing to outright belligerence, anger or rage). Here’s an opportunity to unload your burden –vent and rant if you wish. Please try and remember that it’s the person’s behavior and not the person that you are annoyed with.

Please have FUN with this journal. Learn something about yourself. Celebrate National Pet Peeves Week by listing/illustrating your PET PEEVES, whether they are about which way to properly hang the TP roll, public nail clipping, or smelly bare/stocking feet at the office. Add art, photos, drawings–anything you want about PET PEEVES.

Keep the journal for a maximum of 2 weeks, and please do not destroy, change, or remove someone else’s work. When you are finished, please re-list the journal at its original page (the ASIN/ISBN is located below) so that it can be mooched again and added to. When it’s full, please contact me (BMID: gemstone or sashacat681 at, and I will mooch it back from you. Thanks!

“I don’t have pet peeves, I have major, psychotic hatreds.”
–George Carlin


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The Poetry of Carl Sandburg

This book is filled with the poetry of Carl Sandburg. Please select a poem and fill the page with pictures to express how you feel about the poem. Feel free to express yourself however you’d like – just don’t draw over other contributions.
When full, please return to Jennifer Stafford, jfit.


The Poetry of Carl Sandburg 1

A Hogwarts Journal

We all know the Harry Potter story. Do you like it? Who’s your favorite character or mythical creature? Tell us about it in words or pictures – whatever you’d like. Just please don’t write or draw over other contributions.

There is some writing on some of the pages. Feel free to cover it up, if you’d like!

When full, please return to Jennifer Stafford, jfit.

Have fun!


Circular Questions Art Book

This is a very small book made of circular pages. Choose a page, make some art that asks a question. (You can write the question out or you can let it be open for interpretation.) The pages have been pre-painted with colors to get your creative juices flowing! This is a teensie book that is easy to mail.



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Normal Doesn’t Live Here

I got this idea from tatianamik’s Bookmooch Stories. I enjoyed writing in a few of her stories, and I thought I would create my own. This is a piece of fiction I started, now I want other journalers to finish it! Read what has been previously written. Add to the story. Then re-list it and pass it on. Please do not change any of the other author’s writings or mark them out. Please only keep the book for a maximum of 2 weeks. When the journal is full, re-list it and mark it reserved for me (BM ID: koratheexplora) and I’ll mooch it back. The ISBN ID for re-listing the book will be on a sticker on the inside cover.

ccsealThis book will be copyrighted under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution. See for details.



Acceptance, Respect & Love

This journal is about Acceptance, Respect, and Love in all forms, whether it is about coming to terms with yourself or with others.
Use as many pages as you feel is necessary and then pass it on within 2 weeks.

– macophile