The Poetry of Carl Sandburg

This book is filled with the poetry of Carl Sandburg. Please select a poem and fill the page with pictures to express how you feel about the poem. Feel free to express yourself however you’d like – just don’t draw over other contributions.
When full, please return to Jennifer Stafford, jfit.


The Poetry of Carl Sandburg 1

Children’s Voice

This is a BookMooch Journal devoted to children and youth’s poetry and prose. Please mooch and allow any young people in your household to add their writings, illustrations, and thoughts, then pass it on by adding it to your inventory again. When the journal is full, or no one has wishlisted the journal, please contact Elise at elise (dot) cohen (at) verizon (dot) net or else through BookMooch, BM userid elisecohen

Thanks so much and enjoy!


Moonlight Sonata

Please add an ORIGINAL sonnet (14 lines of 10 syllables each, rhyme scheme can vary) and an ilustration.


Final Words

Write your death poem or your own famous last words. This book was handmade in Indonesia; the pages are perhaps made of banana (only one side is smooth), and the cover is made of large leaves, like lotus, maybe. It’s a little fragile, but so is life. Please turn it around in the usual two weeks, and return to NovelCat when it’s … finished.


Returned to creator, whose account is now closed.

A Year of Poetry Journal

This journal is full of blank calendar pages; mooch it and add your poems! When the journal is full, contact me (BM username: milano) and I will mooch it back off you.

Please fill this journal with poetry – by a famous or infamous poet, or your own unique creations. You can pick any day, or even 2 or 3 – your birthday, a holiday, a particular poet’s birthday or just any old Tuesday! I’ve also added some colorful blank pages in the front and back for more poems. Feel free to add illustrations or other artwork with your poems, too. Don’t worry if your poem takes up more than one day – there are plenty of days for all.

Also, please do not change or alter anyone else’s entries and keep within the two week mooch window time limit. After you are done adding your poem(s), please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it and add to it, and when it is full, please contact me to arrange its return me.

Most of all, just have fun!



Add a haiku! You remember the pattern: three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. You can also do variations on the haiku. Please feel free to decorate your page(s) in any way you like. When the journal is full, please contact to return it.

– Dewey

Dreams of Fire and Falling

Art and poetry inspired by unexplained events. You have 2 weeks to complete your artistic renderings, then please relist on bookmooch under MENEBMDFF2008, so the next person can have a turn. Mene Tekel, an adult, college student , can be reached at Fireserphent at Gmail. This journal has been listed on BM under his mother’s account because she loves him and encourages the artist in him. 8izenuff or azmom875 on Bookmooch. Made from an altered travel journal from hallmark. Feel free to use the maps as well.

– Mene

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A Little Book of Linked Poetry

This is a sort of free-form on the time-honoured renga tradition. Haiku and senryu both are welcome, each poem must be inspired by some aspect of the one preceding it (be it a word, an image or a whole verse).

Please, a single poem per page and write only on the right-side (so, not on the back of another’s haiku), put your name and country on the page of your contribution.

When the booklet is full contact me (user ID seleya) and I’ll mooch it back from you.


I emailed the last person to have this journal but have received no response. It must probably be regarded as lost.

A Little Book of Haiku

Just as it says, a little book of haiku and related poetry (senryu, scifaiku, tanka and other Japanese forms welcome).

Only original works, please. Of course all rights to the poems will remain with the original author. All languages welcome, but please, if your poem isn’t in English, Italian or French provide a translation. One poem per page, please, leave the back of the sheet blank (write only on the right-hand page). Add your name, country and date of composition of the poem at the bottom of the page.

When the booklet is full, contact me, User ID: seleya, and I’ll mooch it back.

– Marina (User ID: seleya)

This journal has been retained by a moocher who is inactive and unresponsive.

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The Little Book Of Personal Poetry (And Quotes)

This little book is for those quotes and poems that have meant something to you in that way you just can’t describe. Those that for one reason or another have stood out for you, and that you would like to share, along with their meaning, with the BookMooch community.

All you need do is write down the quote and where it comes from, and if you like a small explanation as to where this fits in for you- and of course, if you’re up to it, maybe even a small artwork to accompany it.

When this BMJournal is full, please send this back to me, Snofferol.


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