Hopes and Dreams

Do you have a special dream or wish for the future? Share it with pictures, stories or art! Just don’t write or draw over other’s contributions.

Have fun! When full, please return to jfit.


A new journal called Hopes & Dreams has been created by 2littlewings, please look for Hearts hopes & soul and dreams on the cover for the new one and Hopes and Dreams for this 2008 journal.


Informed By Our Dreams

Do anything you like to alter this book (a book i made by hand from printed booklets from NYU’s Student Health Center). I chose a loose topic of “dreams” you can interpret that however you choose.


This journal appears to be stalled with an inactive moocher.

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Enjoy Life!

Ah, the joy of living! From guilty pleasures to wild dreams–what lets you enjoy life?

Respect someone else’s entry–otherwise anything goes!


This journal appears to have been lost in the post in 2008

Nightmares: What Are Yours?

The journal is called “Nightmares“, and I’d like it to be whatever you want. Please do not destroy the book, but be as creative – or as weird, quirky, and odd as you want. I don’t mind. No limits, no objections… Do what you like!


This journal is now back in circulation.

Dreams of Fire and Falling

Art and poetry inspired by unexplained events. You have 2 weeks to complete your artistic renderings, then please relist on bookmooch under MENEBMDFF2008, so the next person can have a turn. Mene Tekel, an adult, college student , can be reached at Fireserphent at Gmail. This journal has been listed on BM under his mother’s account because she loves him and encourages the artist in him. 8izenuff or azmom875 on Bookmooch. Made from an altered travel journal from hallmark. Feel free to use the maps as well.

– Mene

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Open the Door to your Dreams

BM Journal project dedicated to “Open the Door to your Dreams“. Draw, write, collage, or simply discuss your dreams. You can discuss how you attained your dreams in this journal or share your dreams with your friends at BM.

International mooches encouraged! If you take the journal, please be sure you can help find an an angel for international mooches or send it yourself 🙂 In the spirit of BM, we delight in international friends.

Please return this journal to BM ID: ArtsyAngel2007, just send me a note to allow me to mooch it from you when complete.

Most of all have fun, create and “dream alittle dream with me”.

Thank you!

This journal appears never to have been sent out due to the owner having a bad accident. Her account has been closed.

Riches of Life

This journal is dedicated to your wishes and dreams of life. If you have an unlimited amount of money, What would you use it for? Your family? A summer cabin by the lake? A boat? A trip around the world?

Share your favorite wishes and dreams with your Bookmooch friends.

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up. Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it.

When this journal is full, please send it back to Debbie Hoggan (Bookmooch ID: hogganclan)


Dream Catcher

This passalong journal is about Dreams. Share your nighttime dreams, nightmares, daydreams, dreams about your life now, dreams about how you thought your life would be when you were younger. You can interpret your dreams or if you want to give your interpretations on anybody elses dreams feel free to. You can also illustrate your dreams or add any artwork that you would like.

When full please return to me, BookMooch ID: mspeegle


Status: This journal has been lost in the mail.