Anything Goes

In this journal anything goes – quotes, poems, artwork, short stories, scrapbooking an event, anything. Just have fun with it! When it’s full, please notify kgeslab and I will mooch it back from you. While you have it, have friends and loved ones add stuff too! Please sign the page or pages you have altered and tell what country you are from. Please keep this journal 2 weeks or less.


The Book of Us: RANDOM

This is a journal yes, even you can add to it!!! All you do is mooch it from me then add your own personal touch to it, which in this case is anything, then you relist on bookmooch exactly as I have. And the lucky last person who gets it, gets to send it back to me!!!


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Landscapes of the World

A BMJournal is an artist’s sketchbook that you mooch and then add your own art to. This one is devoted to the world around us, so it is preferred that the art you add is a portrayal of a part of the landscape around you. Please no paint in this one unless you paste it in, and please only draw on the fronts of pages so that the art doesn’t get smeared onto someone else’s. Have fun! When it’s full, please return it to me. Bookmooch id = cjaoov.


Journal of Altered Art: A Birthday Book

This is a 1981 book called A birthday book a keepsake of dates to remember forever. A big book to write in the birthdays of friends and families. Pages are not numbered. It is full of vintage art and quotes and then blank places to fill in those Birthdays. Please feel free to alter in the area where you would write in birthdays. Book is used and does have some birthdays written. That is not the goal. I will draw a line through those entries. Just cover them up with paper or art. You can work on any month or page or quote or vintage art that you want. Or you can just chose the month you were born or your kids. Please limit yourself to two entries and two weeks to pass it on. write DNA on pages you Do NOT want altered or added to. Please alter the vintage artwork in good taste pg 13. Return book to I will register this with bookcrossing so please do log it in there.


The Art We Love

This is a journal for the art lovers on BookMooch to be able to share their favorite works of art and artists with one another. All mediums of the visual arts are accepted, painting, sculpture, photography, etc. The artist can be obscure, famous or you. If possible, please include a picture of the work you are talking about. Feel free to write about more than one piece, but try to limit your entries to about 5 pages maxium. While the entries should focus on specific works of art, feel free to comment on relevent art related books and museums that you enjoy too.

Repost within 2 weeks. Please be respectful of other entries and do not alter or cover up. When this journal is full, please please please, send it back to Katherine Ransbottom.


This journal has been returned to its creator.
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The Little Book of Stamp Art

Have you had cool stamps arrive on your mail and thought wow that would make a great piece of art but never got round to doing anything with it?

Now’s your chance to change that.

This little book is just bigger than an ATC but on each page i want you to create a little piece of art inspired by a stamp you have received (include the stamp on your page!). One to two pages per person please.

* on the back of your page please put your name (moocher id, real name or both) the date and the title of you little piece of art!
*please don’t keep the book for any longer than 2 weeks and please mooch it back to this page so people know where to look.

WHEN it’s completely full please message me and i’ll mooch it back from you.


This journal is not travelling, it appears never to have been sent.


This is an art journal in which each person will choose one element of the art on the previous 2-page spread, echo it somewhere on the next spread and extrapolate from there. For this to work, please work in order (p.1, p.2, p.3, etc.), and choose an element that will be recognizable, like a blue triangle or a girl’s face, so that anyone looking at it from the beginning will be able to figure out what each artist chose to build on from the previous piece. Please turn it around in the usual two weeks and return it to NovelCat when done.


This journal was marked as being returned to its creator


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Abstract Geometry

This is strictly art, and strictly geometrical. Take a double page spread and glory in shapes and colors that are not at all representational. The book needs cover art, too. Please turn it around in the usual two weeks, then return it to NovelCat when it’s full.


This journal was mooched by a member who has been inactive for two and a half years and has not responded to my mails. It must be regarded as lost.

More Important Things To Do

This is a collaborative art book to be created over the pages of one of my old calendars/planners. I’ve started by adding some things to each page. I also made some chunks of pages into big thick pages and some are left as is. Feel free to cut/add/subtract/alter to your heart’s content. Anything goes, just be respectful of each other.

CONTACT: 2littlewings erinpartridgeATgmailDOTcom
I’d love to see update photos along the way!

– Erin

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 


Potraits of Humanity

Pretty simple, straight-forward theme. I want to fill this fabulous journal (with a drawing of Michaelangelo’s David on the cover) to be filled with portraits of people. Sketches, paintings, photographs, even written word – I don’t care how it’s done, but I want to capture a piece of a person’s soul on every page!

Do as many people, take as many pages, as you need.

– Suzi (k00kaburra)