The Little Book of Stamp Art

Have you had cool stamps arrive on your mail and thought wow that would make a great piece of art but never got round to doing anything with it?

Now’s your chance to change that.

This little book is just bigger than an ATC but on each page i want you to create a little piece of art inspired by a stamp you have received (include the stamp on your page!). One to two pages per person please.

* on the back of your page please put your name (moocher id, real name or both) the date and the title of you little piece of art!
*please don’t keep the book for any longer than 2 weeks and please mooch it back to this page so people know where to look.

WHEN it’s completely full please message me and i’ll mooch it back from you.


This journal is not travelling, it appears never to have been sent.

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