A Little Game of Rhyme or Reason

A Little Game of Rhyme or Reason is all about having fun! I used to play this game often as an icebreaker in college at rush events or other meetings. It goes like this: one person states a word (i.e. this book begins with Tiger) you have to either A- rhyme a word with the previous word (pretty easy right?) or B-reason with the previous word (think of something that makes sense with that word)…and so it goes until the end of the book.

Pictures/art/doodles/etc are STRONGLY encouraged. Also, tell me why you picked what you picked! This is going to be a great fun journal and I can’t wait to see how everyone rhymes and reasons!

Take no longer than 2 weeks. Contact auburnkelly if there is any trouble. Also, relist here on bookmooch so others can follow along. Return to auburnkelly when full.

– auburnkelly

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Fortune Cookies

As I was cleaning out my purse and emptying my change purse into my change jar, I realized I had several fortunes that I had saved. Then, I found a few more free-floating in the bottom corners of my purse. That’s when I realized that I have inadvertently been hoarding these little slips of paper. I then wondered, “Am I the only one who does this?”. My mother assures me that I am not the only one, as she sometimes does it too. I told her that just means that she and I are picking up bad habits from each other.

So, this journal is about Fortune Cookies. Maybe you stash yours too and don’t mind admitting that you are just as crazy as me. Perhaps you feel that you are poetic and could easily write your own fortunes for the cookie companies. Or maybe you just have a really yummy cookie recipe that you’d like to share. It’s all up to you!

This journal is about Fortune Cookies, Fortunes, or Cookies!


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