A Little Game of Rhyme or Reason

A Little Game of Rhyme or Reason is all about having fun! I used to play this game often as an icebreaker in college at rush events or other meetings. It goes like this: one person states a word (i.e. this book begins with Tiger) you have to either A- rhyme a word with the previous word (pretty easy right?) or B-reason with the previous word (think of something that makes sense with that word)…and so it goes until the end of the book.

Pictures/art/doodles/etc are STRONGLY encouraged. Also, tell me why you picked what you picked! This is going to be a great fun journal and I can’t wait to see how everyone rhymes and reasons!

Take no longer than 2 weeks. Contact auburnkelly if there is any trouble. Also, relist here on bookmooch so others can follow along. Return to auburnkelly when full.

– auburnkelly

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow.

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