Today in the News

In this journal, I collect newspaper stories that influenced their readers in some way. To participate, just do the following:

1. Read any paper.

2. Find a story that is interesting and inspires you to some kind of action. This could be anything. Maybe you read a book review and buy the book. Maybe you read something about a person you’ve never heard of and look them up on Wikipedia. Maybe you read an article about a catastrophe and donate money. Maybe you read a really bad/good article and write a letter to the editor. Maybe you read about an event in your neighborhood and decide to attend. Maybe it was just a story that kept you thinking for some time and changed your mind or behavior in some way.

3. Put a cutting of the article in the book, together with a description of how it influenced you.

4. Cut out the date and name of the paper and glue it onto the cover.

That’s all.

– Kerstin (oxymoron)

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Script It

I can remember being mesmerized with my grandmother’s handwriting. I was so excited the first time I had my OWN pencil! I have really had an infatuation of people’s handwriting. It is amazing to me the many different styles of script that you can encounter in one day’s mail. I want this to be a book about those many different styles of handwriting. It can be your own or on a note or letter or card you have received from someone. If you want to make a copy from a letter, magazine or book…go for it! There are also many of the decorative papers that have script on them. These make for great background papers. Write a little about your love/hate relationship with handwriting…. yours or anyone else’s. Please feel free to add artwork to any of the pages. Do as many pages as you like. Please sign the library card in the front pocket when you receive the book and date it. Most of all enjoy it! Please notify me at when the book is finished.

– Sharon

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