Antonio, tell us a story

‘Every picture tells a story’ and ‘a well-written story paints a picture in your mind’ may seem to be contradictary but I think a good story is good whether it’s told in pictures, in words or in a mixture of both.

This Book-mooch Journal is intended to be a place for any form of story, just let your imagination flow free and express yourself.

To start things off here are three very different examples:- a short story in words only, a sequence of ‘sillies’ inspired by a clip-art photo and a piece of publicity I put together back in the days when hardly anyone had computers and printers, let alone digital cameras and scanners.

Compose your story in any way you like. Please add your name and BM id (and date if possible). Please do not alter anyone else’s work, try to relist within 2 weeks of receiving this journal. Thank you.

-Mark T. (tennantfamily)

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Today in the News

In this journal, I collect newspaper stories that influenced their readers in some way. To participate, just do the following:

1. Read any paper.

2. Find a story that is interesting and inspires you to some kind of action. This could be anything. Maybe you read a book review and buy the book. Maybe you read something about a person you’ve never heard of and look them up on Wikipedia. Maybe you read an article about a catastrophe and donate money. Maybe you read a really bad/good article and write a letter to the editor. Maybe you read about an event in your neighborhood and decide to attend. Maybe it was just a story that kept you thinking for some time and changed your mind or behavior in some way.

3. Put a cutting of the article in the book, together with a description of how it influenced you.

4. Cut out the date and name of the paper and glue it onto the cover.

That’s all.

– Kerstin (oxymoron)

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Little Blue Book Stories to Make You Smile

This is a journal to make people smile. You can write touching stories, funny stories, cute stories about your kids, jokes, or pictures that are cute or funny. Thank you for contributing!


No writing on or tearing out other peoples entries.
Please only keep the jouirnal for two weeks or less.
When the journal is full, please contact me, (Remi) and I will mooch it back from you!


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Most Scariest Moments

This is a passalong journal created by my 10 year old nephew Kaylan. My two nephews were over one day & saw the journals I was working on & they got excited about it and wanted to start their own. The topic of this journal is Most Scariest Moments, add your own scary moments or if you don’t have one, make up a scary story (he LOVES horror movies) feel free to add scary artwork or illistrate your story. Please no adult content since this is for a 10 year old but please help him fill up his book! Feel free to use as many pages as you would like and pass it around to your family and friends. When full please return to me, BookMooch ID: mspeegle.


This journal has been returned to its creator.

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Contact High

This is (well, it was until now) a Japanese children’s book, full of wonderfully expressive, minimalist drawings of a couple of pandas. I’m asking people to ignore the Japanese writing completely (or work with it, or around it – there’s not a lot of it, really) and to add their own thoughts, poems, stories, or drawings to the the pictures in the book. It’s as you like with this one.


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