Antonio, tell us a story

‘Every picture tells a story’ and ‘a well-written story paints a picture in your mind’ may seem to be contradictary but I think a good story is good whether it’s told in pictures, in words or in a mixture of both.

This Book-mooch Journal is intended to be a place for any form of story, just let your imagination flow free and express yourself.

To start things off here are three very different examples:- a short story in words only, a sequence of ‘sillies’ inspired by a clip-art photo and a piece of publicity I put together back in the days when hardly anyone had computers and printers, let alone digital cameras and scanners.

Compose your story in any way you like. Please add your name and BM id (and date if possible). Please do not alter anyone else’s work, try to relist within 2 weeks of receiving this journal. Thank you.

-Mark T. (tennantfamily)

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 


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