Altaired Images – a handbook

If you were around in the 70s and had children you may well have come across Altair designs. These are a series of mathematical designs for colouring in.
The last book we had, in 1980 said the designs in that book were based on 10th century mathematical designs. The man behind the Altair designs is Ensor Holiday, a biologist and geometrician.

While convalescing after a car crash he became fascinated by the recurrence of certain designs throughout the world. These designs are the result of two year’s research into their common mathematical links.

Our children, and those of relatives and friends often coloured these when at our house, and many of those included are those begun by them but incomplete.
The covers and the first (completed) design were done by Mark.

Please date your entry or entries and add your name and Bookmooch id in the margin. We are happy for your children to colour a design too. You are very welcome to complete the incomplete examples we have included, but please do not alter those of other Bookmoochers!

-Mark T. (tennantfamily)


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