Happy Thoughts

This journal is for all of your “happy thoughts“. Journal entries can be artwork, poems, quotes…anything you want to contribute. All I ask is that your entry be filled with the things that make you happy. Whether it be material possessions, loved ones, pets, or thoughts…I want to hear about it!

Please add your BookMooch ID, the date and time of your entry, and your real name (if you wish) to your page. When you’re done, relist it so that others can add to it.

When the journal is finished, please contact me on my BookMooch account: biwasaki. Thanks!


Contact High

This is (well, it was until now) a Japanese children’s book, full of wonderfully expressive, minimalist drawings of a couple of pandas. I’m asking people to ignore the Japanese writing completely (or work with it, or around it – there’s not a lot of it, really) and to add their own thoughts, poems, stories, or drawings to the the pictures in the book. It’s as you like with this one.


More images:

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