What Happy Is

What does happy mean to you? You only need to write a sentence or two, so ask everyone around you to write in their definition as well. Please take no longer than 2 weeks. Do not ruin anyone else’s work. Keep it PG.

– Zee

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Happy Thoughts

This journal is for all of your “happy thoughts“. Journal entries can be artwork, poems, quotes…anything you want to contribute. All I ask is that your entry be filled with the things that make you happy. Whether it be material possessions, loved ones, pets, or thoughts…I want to hear about it!

Please add your BookMooch ID, the date and time of your entry, and your real name (if you wish) to your page. When you’re done, relist it so that others can add to it.

When the journal is finished, please contact me on my BookMooch account: biwasaki. Thanks!


Happiness (Shiawase)

Please tell a short story, draw a picture, post a photo, write a poem, or anything you like about something that made you happy.


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One Simple Single Thing I Was Happy About Today

Describe or draw as you please the one single thing you were happy about today. It could be anything, a person, a beloved pet, a colorful sock, a pair of nice shoes etc. Put the a single thing / a single image on a simple background and don’t forget to include the date!

–Kristine Grace