There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet!

The title says it all really, I want to make more friends all around the world !Do you too? If so write in the journal a first penpal letter/story/poem anything!leave your address to and hopefully get a letter from another moocher and me when i finally get the journal back!! When the journal is full return to me:bookmooch id: Granadaolly
Have fun, thanks for taking part!!!


Script It

I can remember being mesmerized with my grandmother’s handwriting. I was so excited the first time I had my OWN pencil! I have really had an infatuation of people’s handwriting. It is amazing to me the many different styles of script that you can encounter in one day’s mail. I want this to be a book about those many different styles of handwriting. It can be your own or on a note or letter or card you have received from someone. If you want to make a copy from a letter, magazine or book…go for it! There are also many of the decorative papers that have script on them. These make for great background papers. Write a little about your love/hate relationship with handwriting…. yours or anyone else’s. Please feel free to add artwork to any of the pages. Do as many pages as you like. Please sign the library card in the front pocket when you receive the book and date it. Most of all enjoy it! Please notify me at when the book is finished.

– Sharon

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Make it what you want

Make it what you want. This journal has ivory-coloured lined pages designed to be easy on the eyes and conducive to writing. If you want to draw on unlined paper, you will need to glue your pictures in. There is a pocket at the front and a rigid back cover. This is the first journal I have created for sharing with the rest of the BookMooch world. This journal is being tracked on the yahoo group BMJournalers. Please join this group if you intend to mooch this journal, and post to the group as well as placing the journal in your inventory once you have made your contribution to the journal. The usual timeframe for making an entry in a travelling journal is up to two weeks, then send it on to the next lucky moocher. Have fun with this! Cheers, jael


This journal began its travels in 2007, went to 23 moochers and was returned to its creator in 2010. 

The Collaborative Novel

Writing is another form of art. The Collaborative Novel is a Book Mooch Journal where each person has the ability to add to the story created by the owner. Each person is given the power to write in characters, plot, setting, flashbacks or anything else. The story will then be continued until the pages are filled. Then the book will be typed up as best as possible and shared for the world to enjoy. The only rules are that it needs to be rated (PG-13). Please try to keep profanity, sex and lots of violence out of your artistic expression. If you mooch the journal, you should be prepared to write a couple of pages, but you should also feel free to write up to 20. Lastly, on the first page, which is blank, write your name and city to the author list.

Want to drop in some illustrations? Great! Tape a photo or draw a picture to let everyone else see what you saw happening.

If you would like, use this website to type in a summary of what you wrote so that the previous people can see how the story developed.

–Joseph DeSilva