The Collaborative Novel

Writing is another form of art. The Collaborative Novel is a Book Mooch Journal where each person has the ability to add to the story created by the owner. Each person is given the power to write in characters, plot, setting, flashbacks or anything else. The story will then be continued until the pages are filled. Then the book will be typed up as best as possible and shared for the world to enjoy. The only rules are that it needs to be rated (PG-13). Please try to keep profanity, sex and lots of violence out of your artistic expression. If you mooch the journal, you should be prepared to write a couple of pages, but you should also feel free to write up to 20. Lastly, on the first page, which is blank, write your name and city to the author list.

Want to drop in some illustrations? Great! Tape a photo or draw a picture to let everyone else see what you saw happening.

If you would like, use this website to type in a summary of what you wrote so that the previous people can see how the story developed.

–Joseph DeSilva

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