1,000 Places to See Before You Die

After spending three years traveling the USA in a RV, I came to believe that every town, no matter how small, has some unusual claim to fame. It could be a person, a geographic feature, a building, an event, whatever it is that makes your town famous. The idea behind this journal is for you to tell us about the unusual fame your town claims, and design one or more pages and tell us about it. Use photographs, drawings, ATCs, stamp art, portions of travel brochures, written text, and so forth. Anything goes!

At the end of it’s journey, This Altered Book will be returned to it’s owner, [Kenenth G Samson] who may be reached through his account at BookMooch. [BookMooch ID: samsonkg]

Rules: none, really – as far as journals go. I want you to be as creative as you’d like, adding anything, altering the existing blank pages in the book with your own creative art. Do not alter the pages that have travel tips, however!


This journal was returned to its creator when he began travelling himself. We have listed a new journal 1000 places to see before you die Part Two, which is moochable.

More images:

This journal is no longer traveling.

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