Covers Recreated: Iconographic, iMmodest and Erotic [CRIME]

The book is actually the Granta 2007 Diary as shown below, which I mooched specifically to turn it into a BMJournal.

On the Left handed pages, full-color reproductions of famous, steamy and not so steamy crime novels and pulp fiction appear. The right-handed pages are blank. As only a hot-blooded male could dream up, I envision the right-handed pages containing art from BookMoochers, recreating the Covers on the left, making them iconographic, immodest and erotic! Here’s a chance to let yourself go, designing and creating the book covers as you would have done them, given the chance!

At the end of it’s journey, This Altered Book will be returned to it’s owner, [Kenenth G Samson] who may be reached through his account at BookMooch. [BookMooch ID: samsonkg]

Rules: none, really – as far as journals go. I want you to be as creative as you’d like, adding anything, altering the existing blank Right-handed pages in the book with your own creative ‘cover-art.’


More images:

This journal is no longer traveling.

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