Alcohol, Party-Time Necessity

One of my favorite songs from the Barenaked Ladies begins with these lines:
Alcohol, my permanent accessory
Alcohol, a party-time necessity
Alchool, alternative to feeling like yourself
O Alcohol, I still drink to your health

Now, I am not one to condone excessive drinking or alcoholism, but let’s face it – a cocktail now and again ain’t too bad! This book is for gathering recipes for your favorite cocktails, whether a local specialty, a family tradition or a drink available at every bar around the world!

Please include any stories you may have about the drink – did you meet your future husband? Throw a glass of it on your mother? Drink it every birthday? – and if possible, add some illustrations! Loosen up and run wild with this journal!

-Suzi k00kaburra

This journal has just been returned to me after a year, and has been returned to its creator. 

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Dreams of the Forbidden Kingdom

Journey across the Pacific Ocean to the land of China, and take a virtual tour through its past and present. Pick one of the famous tourist sites – The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors – and tell us of its history, significance and beauty. Or share tales from China’s past. Regale us with the history of the first Emperor’s reign. Tell us Chinese folklore that has been told for countless generations. Show off your favorite dragon or phoenix. If you’ve visited China in the past or will go int he future, share with us your travels! Vacation pictures, where you went, what you thought…etc!

Paint us a picture, sing us a song…just share with us your dream of China.


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