Finding the Truth

Christian Testimonies – Add your testimony of how you came to know God as your personal Lord and Saviour.


Nightmares: What Are Yours?

The journal is called “Nightmares“, and I’d like it to be whatever you want. Please do not destroy the book, but be as creative – or as weird, quirky, and odd as you want. I don’t mind. No limits, no objections… Do what you like!


This journal is now back in circulation.

It’s All About the Lyrics

Part of what makes any song great are the words that go with it. This journal is all about the lyrics – the best, the worst, the silliest, the sappiest, the most beautiful. Lyrics that move you and make you feel…anything.

Share your favourites or write your own. Use a one or two page spread and decorate it however you wish.

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