My world

This is an interactive ‘altered book’, it started life as an unused 1992 Oxfam diary. Most alternate pages have pictures of people from a wide range of countries. I’d like the alternate pages to be used by BookMoochers to describe in words or pictures, photos or poems the world they think of as theirs. I’ll upload images of my pages to the journal files as an example, but I’d like moochers to add in their own way, whilst leaving the picture pages unaltered.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

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Word Play

I loved word games and puzzles as a kid. I especially loved the visual ones – like s_p_a_c_e_s. Come up with your own little word puzzle or play to share! Use any medium you’d like, just don’t write or draw over other contributions.

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It’s All About the Lyrics

Part of what makes any song great are the words that go with it. This journal is all about the lyrics – the best, the worst, the silliest, the sappiest, the most beautiful. Lyrics that move you and make you feel…anything.

Share your favourites or write your own. Use a one or two page spread and decorate it however you wish.

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Words of Life

Our family loves to learn new words now and again. Some of us get stumped, but my husband and our sons seem to be walking dictionaries.

Please add poems, pictures, themes, or whatever to share with your Bookmooch friends. Add your favorite words, and be sure to give their meaning. If possible, chose words that are not of the norm. Have fun!

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up. Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it.

When this journal is full, please send it back to Debbie Hoggan (Bookmooch ID: hogganclan)