Journal of Altered Art: A Birthday Book

This is a 1981 book called A birthday book a keepsake of dates to remember forever. A big book to write in the birthdays of friends and families. Pages are not numbered. It is full of vintage art and quotes and then blank places to fill in those Birthdays. Please feel free to alter in the area where you would write in birthdays. Book is used and does have some birthdays written. That is not the goal. I will draw a line through those entries. Just cover them up with paper or art. You can work on any month or page or quote or vintage art that you want. Or you can just chose the month you were born or your kids. Please limit yourself to two entries and two weeks to pass it on. write DNA on pages you Do NOT want altered or added to. Please alter the vintage artwork in good taste pg 13. Return book to I will register this with bookcrossing so please do log it in there.