Potraits of Humanity

Pretty simple, straight-forward theme. I want to fill this fabulous journal (with a drawing of Michaelangelo’s David on the cover) to be filled with portraits of people. Sketches, paintings, photographs, even written word – I don’t care how it’s done, but I want to capture a piece of a person’s soul on every page!

Do as many people, take as many pages, as you need.

– Suzi (k00kaburra)

The Little Book of Imaginary People

Here’s a journal just begging to be taken out for coffee. Find yourself a comfortable seat of vantage, and watch the world pass in front of your eyes- more specifically, find one face that intrigues you or catches your attention. Imagine what their life might be like; what’s their name? Are they married? Are they a secret serial killer? A secret dentist, perhaps? Sketch out a character for your imaginary person– feel free to even draw a picture of them, or illustrate in any way that takes your fancy- and pass it along.

Just remember to keep this moving and to relist here once you’re ready to send it along.

-Felix (User ID: snofferol)

More images:

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