Signs of Things to Come

A journal about the history, techniques and experiences of future prediction, from the Oracle at Delphi to Nostradamus through the psychic hot-lines of modern life.

Some questions to consider/answer as you prepare your pages:
– Do you believe the future can be predicted?
– What famous oracles from history interest you, and why? Introduce them to the rest of us!
– Have you ever consulted someone who claimed to be psychic? How did they practice their craft? What did they say? Were they accurate?
– Are you gifted with second sight? What techniques do you use? How did you discover your gift?


This journal was received by a requestor but not relisted or resent. My mail bounced so it must be regarded as lost.


More images:

Hopes and Dreams

Do you have a special dream or wish for the future? Share it with pictures, stories or art! Just don’t write or draw over other’s contributions.

Have fun! When full, please return to jfit.


A new journal called Hopes & Dreams has been created by 2littlewings, please look for Hearts hopes & soul and dreams on the cover for the new one and Hopes and Dreams for this 2008 journal.


A Wish for the Future

A wish for the future for our kids, for ourselves, for whatever. “If wishes were horses than beggars would ride.” Perhaps if we wish hard enough we’ll hear from our higher being and make life a little better for ourselves.