Gone, But Not Forgotten

Here is your opportunity to immortalize a lost loved-one. Please tell us all about him or her, and when and how they died. Tell us what they meant to you and what you would say to them if you had the chance.

Feel free to use words, poetry, drawings, photographs and/or any other media.

Please respect each other’s work and work on the journal for a maximum of two weeks before you relist it.

When you have written on the last journal page, please contact michellereads in Kingston, Ontario Canada and I will mooch it back from you.


Final Words

Write your death poem or your own famous last words. This book was handmade in Indonesia; the pages are perhaps made of banana (only one side is smooth), and the cover is made of large leaves, like lotus, maybe. It’s a little fragile, but so is life. Please turn it around in the usual two weeks, and return to NovelCat when it’s … finished.


Returned to creator, whose account is now closed.

A Date with Death

A journal for all things related to the termination of mortality. With taxes it’s the only certain thing, so you’re certain to have something to say about it. Dreams, thoughts, fears, desires, words, illustrations…all relating to death are welcome here.


This journal appears to have been lost. The last recipient says she sent it onwards but there is no further record of givers since 2010.