A Little Book of Linked Poetry

This is a sort of free-form on the time-honoured renga tradition. Haiku and senryu both are welcome, each poem must be inspired by some aspect of the one preceding it (be it a word, an image or a whole verse).

Please, a single poem per page and write only on the right-side (so, not on the back of another’s haiku), put your name and country on the page of your contribution.

When the booklet is full contact me (user ID seleya) and I’ll mooch it back from you.


I emailed the last person to have this journal but have received no response. It must probably be regarded as lost.

A Little Book of Haiku

Just as it says, a little book of haiku and related poetry (senryu, scifaiku, tanka and other Japanese forms welcome).

Only original works, please. Of course all rights to the poems will remain with the original author. All languages welcome, but please, if your poem isn’t in English, Italian or French provide a translation. One poem per page, please, leave the back of the sheet blank (write only on the right-hand page). Add your name, country and date of composition of the poem at the bottom of the page.

When the booklet is full, contact me, User ID: seleya, and I’ll mooch it back.

– Marina (User ID: seleya)

This journal has been retained by a moocher who is inactive and unresponsive.

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