The Black and White Book

This is a BMJournal that only involves black and white drawings, quotes, pictures, anything. Have fun, 🙂 Don’t destroy other people’s work.

And send back to maloriejo15

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All Things Black and White

This journal is about “All Things Black & White.” When I was younger I just fell in love with black and white photography. I think there is nothing better than the two colors; black and white. Even black and white decor is so sleek and chic. So I want this journal to be in all black and white. Yes I can see the journal itself is not, but I just loved these cute little things(and I bought 11 of them.)

Let your imagination run wild! It can include pictures, writing, paintings, drawings, scribbles or anything that you see fit. Do not feel limited to one page for your entry, but please leave room for others as well.

Please do not change or alter anyone else’s entries and keep within the two week mooch window time limit. After you are finished with your entry, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it.

When the journal is full and complete, please contact me (BM username: havi13) and I will mooch it back.


This journal was marked by a requestor as lost in the post in August 2009, and the creator does not respond to emails. Malorie Smiths’s The Black and White Book on the same theme is available for mooching.

The Little Book of Black & Red

Add your creative genius to this little black book, but keep the color scheme to black, white and red only. Beyond that, follow basic Book Mooch Journal Rules and repost within two weeks. You can send jpegs to me and I will post them on my blog at

When the journal is complete return to me.

Joy Found / Lauri Jean Crowe

White and Black

Black and White. White and Black. This journal is for your art that shows off these colors.

This is a blank journal to fill with original art and words. Be creative. Think outside the box. Draw, paint, collage, stamp, color. Text is okay, too.

Please only keep the journal for 2 weeks before you pass it to another BookMoocher. Please do not destroy, change, or remove someone else’s work.

After you are done adding your art, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it and add to it. When it is full, please contact me via email to arrange for the journey home.


This journal operates under the terms of a Creative Commons by Attribution v3.0 license.

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Black and white

In this book anything goes as long as it’s black and white. You can tell us about your day, draw a picture, do a collage, or anything else you can think of. The only thing I ask is that when you’ve finished your spread you sign the cover. Please include your BM name, your real name if you feel comfortable leaving it, which spread is yours and the dates you worked on it.