Restaurants to Check Out

Released as a BookMooch Journal. Write in your favorite Restaurants. It doesn’t matter if they are local or long distance. Pass it on within 2 weeks. When it’s completed list it reserved to Tatianamik and I’ll mooch it back.


The Art of Dining Fine

We all know about “fine dining”. Getting dressed in your finest clothes, eating at an expensive restaurant that you can only afford once a year (or years!), displaying your finest manners, negotiating a confusing wine list, waiters with a very high opinion of themselves, etc.

But what is “dining fine”? Well, “dining fine” is when you get together with friends and/or family in your favorite local restaurant/grill/diner/café/etc. These are the kind of places where you enjoy good food and drink, and most importantly, make great memories.

There have always been one or two favorite places where I get together for a meal with friends. Maybe it isn’t even the food but that extra special something that draws you back again and again.

Share that special place with us. What makes it a favorite? Feel free to share pictures, menus, memories, anything at all that you want to share! Just please don’t change anyone’s entries, and please keep this journal no more than two weeks, then pass it on.

When the journal is full, please send it back to Terri White. Contact me at bookmooch id terrilee.


Eating Out

My husband gave me this journal, because the cover reminded him of a restaurant we take out kids to often, and I decided to turn it into a journal about eating out in restaurants. Possible topics for inclusion? Your favorite restaurant, or a fantasy dinner companion, or a description of your most-loved dessert. Alternatively, tell me your restaurant horror stories, as a customer or a waiter or chef. I’m a big fan of books like Kitchen Confidential, Down and Out in Paris & London, Hey Waitress! and Hotel Bemelmans.