Crazy about tarot or other forms of divination? Fill in a few pages, as many as you like, with anything relating to the topic. Then repost it into the system. Last person sends it back to me, and I will give them a gift as a thank you. Any form of art, writing, etc. is welcome. Please don’t alter others’ pages though.

-Chris zenzen1954

This appears to have been lost in transit.

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The Little Book Of BookMooch Tarot

This is the second of my ‘little book’ journals. This is what it sounds like- BookMoocher’s versions of the Major Arcana.

Select a card that has not yet been done (or if all of them have been done and the book is not yet full, then select whichever one takes your fancy) and illustrate your version of it. You can do this directly on the book, or do it on something else and paste it in, you ca even do it on your computer, and print it out- skies the limit. Then include your personal interpretation of the card you illustrated, explaining what it would indicate in a spread.

Add your BookMooch ID to your entry, and send it along its way, and when it’s full send back to Snofferol.

Most importantly- HAVE FUN!

-Felix (ID: snofferol)

Travelling Tarot Journal

Instructions: Each left-hand page features either a major arcana card, court card, or one of three “blank” cards. Pick one or two that you wish to work with. One the facing right-hand page either provide an original artistic interpretation of the tarot card or – if you are less artistic, and more literary inclined – provide a small piece of creative writing inspired by the card (a unique interpretation, a poem, or anything else you can think of). You can be true to traditional symbolism and meaning or come up with something entirely original – there are no limitations. If you wish to work on this journal and aren’t familiar with tarot, don’t let that stop you – just work off of whatever images or feelings the card provokes. For the three blank cards, you pick which card you want to work with – either a card completed by someone else, or one of the lesser arcana cards not provided, or make up your own! Please at least write the name of the card on the blank card’s banner – you don’t have to provide an image on the blank card, unless you want to, being that you have the entire right-hand page for artisitic interpretation. Also, I have provided a few words of possible interpretation for each card. Feel free to add to any of these as space permits.


This journal seems to be lost – four moochers since issue in 2008.

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