Queer Fears and Wacky Phobias

Everybody’s afraid of something. There’s arachnophobia – afraid of spiders. There’s fear of enclosed spaces – claustrophobia. These are fairly common fears, that many people share.

Now, this journal requires a little research. You are going to find a more unusual fear, and you will tell us about it. Perhaps it is a fear you suffer yourself; perhaps it’s something you’ve only heard about. A fear of cooking? Mageirocophobia. Terror of Epistaxiophobia? That’s nosebleeds. Give us the name of the phobia you’ve found to share, a description, and then have fun with it! Write a story about it. Or a poem dedicated to it. Illustrate it. Love it. Make it beautiful – make it horrible. Take a bizarre phobia and make it your own.

Disclaimer: If you fear you suffer phobophobia, the fear of phobia, please consider refraining from this journal. 😉

-Suzi (k00kaburra)

This journal appears to have been lost.


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  1. this is one of the best books I have participated in. It is almost done so only a few moocher can participate now

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