Know Name: a journal about book, movie, tv, and play characters

When I mooch a book, rent a movie, turn on a TV show, or go to see a play, I am ten times more likely to choose one with an oddly named character than one with a simple name. So I created this journal where everyone can share their favorite strangely named characters.

Take one to two pages to tell the name of the character, the book, movie, tv show, or play they are featured in, the actor/actress who plays them (when applies), why you liked them as a character, what do you think makes their name interesting, and a picture of the media in which they are featured (ex. movie, book, etc.) or a picture of the actor who portrays them.
Doodling, other info, and creativity are encouraged!

While guidelines are there to give you ideas and are not mandatory I would greatly appreciate if you would follow the following rules:

– Only take 1-2 weeks to make your entry
– Do not damage or add to anyone else’s entries in anyway shape or form.
– When you have finished with the journal please re-list it on BookMooch, or if you know of someone who might be interested in putting in an entry tell that person and reserve the journal for him or her.
– No repeats! I am sorry if Ephram (Gregory Smith) from Everwood is your favorite character, I have already entered him in the book so please pick someone new, I am sure you have more than one favorite!
– Include your name, your BookMooch ID, and if desired a picture of you.

When the journal is full let me know and I will mooch it back home.
Thanks for contributing to this journal and I hope you have fun making your entry!
Also I am running low on ribbon, and I thought it would be cool if everyone who made an entry tied a string or ribbon to the spiral of the book, not mandatory, just a fun thought.

BookMooch ID: koratheexplora

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TBR Piles of Life

All of we book moochers have one! Some of us do not like to admit just how big that pile really is. Is it ten books high, or perhaps 40 books high? Do you have them categorized, or are they simply all over the place?

Are they high, or low, under the bed, or over the head? Now that we think of it, Are they BOTH? Are they hidden in the bathroom, Or hiding in the hidden closet in the basement? Does your family REALLY know how many you really have, Or just a fraction of an idea?

This is your time to share with your Bookmooch friends What your TBR pile is all about. What type of books do you enjoy? Do you have lots of books that you want to learn about a particular subject? Do you have piles and piles of “why did I EVER mooch THAT book?

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up. Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it. When this journal is full, please send it back to: Debbie Hoggan (Bookmooch ID: hogganclan).



Favorite Books

Grab a pen, pencil,or crayon, and add a page(or two…) about your favorite book. That book that you have reread a thousand times and still love. When and why did you first read it and why do you still love it? Mooch this journal then curl up in a cozy corner and tell why you love that special book!

Please follow the BMJournal guidelines, and keep the book for up to two weeks. Pass it around to you friends and then BookMooch it to someone else.

-Lala id thundrific

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Book Quotes – A Journal for Booklovers

I have collected quotes about books and about reading for many years so I wanted a place to collect them all, to share them with others and to get others to add their favorite quotes about books. You can also add or make up your own quotes about why you love books (I did!). Enjoy!

– renarossner 

The moocher who requested this journal from Rena did not know about journalling and just included it in a package to another moocher without points so it is not traceable as it has not resurfaced. It must be regarded as lost.

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BookMooch Journal (Deanna)

This a journal on recommendations on books. Books you might think other bookmoochers may enjoy. You can add books that you hated or liked. You can draw a new cover for a book that is already out there or draw a cover for a book you would love to write. You can write about this site and how it help you and about people you meet on this site. My daughter loves to read historical fiction, vampires and teen issues books. You may have a suggestion on a book she would love to read.


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The Great Scrapbooking and Art Adventure

This journal is part of the Bookmooch Journal Project. After you mooch and receive this book, alter a page or two to add your own artwork or display your scrapbooking skills. The art/scrapbooked page should be related (however loosely) to the themes of reading, and/or books. Create your art page, and then on the adjacent page include some short notes about yourself, your masterpiece, and your favourite book(s). Log in your catch on bookcrossing, and then set the book free again to pass on to another bookmoocher!

– Hebamashundi

Status: This book appears to not be traveling.