Favorite Books

Grab a pen, pencil,or crayon, and add a page(or two…) about your favorite book. That book that you have reread a thousand times and still love. When and why did you first read it and why do you still love it? Mooch this journal then curl up in a cozy corner and tell why you love that special book!

Please follow the BMJournal guidelines, and keep the book for up to two weeks. Pass it around to you friends and then BookMooch it to someone else.

-Lala id thundrific

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Book Quotes – A Journal for Booklovers

I have collected quotes about books and about reading for many years so I wanted a place to collect them all, to share them with others and to get others to add their favorite quotes about books. You can also add or make up your own quotes about why you love books (I did!). Enjoy!

– renarossner 

The moocher who requested this journal from Rena did not know about journalling and just included it in a package to another moocher without points so it is not traceable as it has not resurfaced. It must be regarded as lost.

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