Know Name: a journal about book, movie, tv, and play characters

When I mooch a book, rent a movie, turn on a TV show, or go to see a play, I am ten times more likely to choose one with an oddly named character than one with a simple name. So I created this journal where everyone can share their favorite strangely named characters.

Take one to two pages to tell the name of the character, the book, movie, tv show, or play they are featured in, the actor/actress who plays them (when applies), why you liked them as a character, what do you think makes their name interesting, and a picture of the media in which they are featured (ex. movie, book, etc.) or a picture of the actor who portrays them.
Doodling, other info, and creativity are encouraged!

While guidelines are there to give you ideas and are not mandatory I would greatly appreciate if you would follow the following rules:

– Only take 1-2 weeks to make your entry
– Do not damage or add to anyone else’s entries in anyway shape or form.
– When you have finished with the journal please re-list it on BookMooch, or if you know of someone who might be interested in putting in an entry tell that person and reserve the journal for him or her.
– No repeats! I am sorry if Ephram (Gregory Smith) from Everwood is your favorite character, I have already entered him in the book so please pick someone new, I am sure you have more than one favorite!
– Include your name, your BookMooch ID, and if desired a picture of you.

When the journal is full let me know and I will mooch it back home.
Thanks for contributing to this journal and I hope you have fun making your entry!
Also I am running low on ribbon, and I thought it would be cool if everyone who made an entry tied a string or ribbon to the spiral of the book, not mandatory, just a fun thought.

BookMooch ID: koratheexplora

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The journal is full of blank pages; mooch it and add your thoughts! When the journal is full, contact me (BM username: tarshaan) and I will mooch it back off you.

The theme of this journal is names. They’ve always fascinated me – mostly because the one I grew up with never seemed quite right, and one of my favourite things about the internet is the ability to use the name *you* choose, not the name your passport labels you.

So… tell me what you think about names. Do they matter to you? Does yours suit you? Does it mean anything to you? Is it just a word, something that’s been associated with you all your life but not really anything particularly meaningful beyond habit? Would you pick a different one if you could? *Have* you? What would your life have been like if you’d grown up with the same name as your hero? What would *you* have been like? What about if you’d had your best friend’s name, instead? Your worst enemy’s? Do you think it would have made a difference? Do you use the same name everywhere you can online, or do you litter different ones behind you like pebbles, looking for that one which is worn smooth and comfortable with use, and now fits perfectly? Have you already found it?

Most of all, just have fun!