BookMooch Journal (Deanna)

This a journal on recommendations on books. Books you might think other bookmoochers may enjoy. You can add books that you hated or liked. You can draw a new cover for a book that is already out there or draw a cover for a book you would love to write. You can write about this site and how it help you and about people you meet on this site. My daughter loves to read historical fiction, vampires and teen issues books. You may have a suggestion on a book she would love to read.


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Amuse or Advise: Whattaya Know?

My niece is planning for college, but isn’t sure where she’ll enroll yet, or for what. I’m hoping y’all will share some of your hard-won wisdom (or whimsy) with her, a young woman leaving home for the first time- she can be a little sarcastic, but she’s a good kid, and she reads. 🙂

Maybe recommend a book, or a recipe? Or put down something encouraging, or practical information that might help her in a pinch, or a funny story or a joke? A picture or poem, or a pitch for your major (I tell her to become a librarian); the best advice you ever got, what gets you through a tough day. Anything that helped you through college, or through life . . . I rarely see her, so please help me send her off with something really cool.


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