Amuse or Advise: Whattaya Know?

My niece is planning for college, but isn’t sure where she’ll enroll yet, or for what. I’m hoping y’all will share some of your hard-won wisdom (or whimsy) with her, a young woman leaving home for the first time- she can be a little sarcastic, but she’s a good kid, and she reads. 🙂

Maybe recommend a book, or a recipe? Or put down something encouraging, or practical information that might help her in a pinch, or a funny story or a joke? A picture or poem, or a pitch for your major (I tell her to become a librarian); the best advice you ever got, what gets you through a tough day. Anything that helped you through college, or through life . . . I rarely see her, so please help me send her off with something really cool.


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