The Great Scrapbooking and Art Adventure

This journal is part of the Bookmooch Journal Project. After you mooch and receive this book, alter a page or two to add your own artwork or display your scrapbooking skills. The art/scrapbooked page should be related (however loosely) to the themes of reading, and/or books. Create your art page, and then on the adjacent page include some short notes about yourself, your masterpiece, and your favourite book(s). Log in your catch on bookcrossing, and then set the book free again to pass on to another bookmoocher!

– Hebamashundi

Status: This book appears to not be traveling.

One Response

  1. Neither the book owner/author nor the next moocher are active bookmoochers. SO I have started the journal with the same name and info, different author and different journal.

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